Other Projects

Other projects supported by the Foundation include:

  • Northern Australian Mammal Decline Report: The report documents the rapid declines in north Australian mammal species, the likely causes and potential solutions.
  • Gondwana Link Report: Publication of key learnings from Peniup restoration planning and implementation process.
  • Science Writing Workshop: Writing training for scientists from TNC and TNC’s Australian partner organisations.
  • Taking Action Together Symposium: A seminar presenting perspectives on various projects by TNC’s partner organisations to encourage cross-flows of ides and learnings.
  • Indigenous land management: Publication of a special issue of Ecological Management and Restoration on Indigenous ecological management and its impacts on conserving and regenerating nature and culture.
  • Estuary restoration: The Nature Conservancy workshop on coastal and marine restoration
  • Student conferences: University of Queensland – Students Conferences on Conservation Research in 2012 and 2015.
  • LTERM: Australian National University workshop on Long-Term Environmental Research and Monitoring (LTERM)
Burrowing Bettong

Burrowing Bettong