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Creating common purpose and commitment among employees is a significant business goal. Shared interests outside business objectives have been shown to contribute to this aim, and conservation is high among the concerns of all Australians. Considering this, employers may initiate a corporate giving program targeted at a conservation project, matching (or bettering) the funds committed by their employees through pay deductions. Tax deductions may apply to employers and employees joining such initiatives.

Philanthropy Australia provides information on charitable trusts, philanthropic foundations and the charity sector (

If you are interested in supporting environmental issues, the Australian Environmental Grantmakers Network is a particularly important organisation. The AEGN is a not-for-profit organisation incorporated as a public company limited by guarantee.

The AEGN’s mission is to help member organisations and others become more effective environmental grantmakers through information sharing, collaboration and networking. They provide the means for environmental grantmakers to:

  • Connect with, encourage and challenge one another.
  • Explore environmental issues and grantmaking.
- Promote, diversify and expand environmental philanthropy.

Visit for more information, or to join or attend AEGN events.

Our experience: In the decade since its establishment The Thomas Foundation has amassed experience that may be of practical use to others – individuals, foundations and corporations – considering support for the conservation sector. The Foundation sees this as having application in many ways including:

  • As a “broker” bringing together grantees and potential funding recipients in the science-based conservation sector.
  • Working with businesses and other organisations to support initiatives beyond our individual resources.
  • Helping newly-created foundations become efficient and effective more quickly.

If you are involved with conservation philanthropy and need help, please contact us.

Corporate shark

Corporate shark